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Marketplace Reconciliation

Reconciliation of orders and returns with the payouts received from marketplaces and identification of short payouts made or excess charges levied by the marketplaces

Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Reconciliation of amounts received through payment gateways against all orders and identification of excess charges levied by the payment gateways

Courier Partner Reconciliation

Reconciliation of consignments delivered by courier partners against orders dispatched and identification of short remittance against COD orders or excess charges levied

Warehouse Reconciliation

Reconciliation of inventory movement in warehouses and identification of non-receipt of inventory against customer returns or lost / damaged inventory

Reconciliation with Food Delivery Aggregators

Reconciliation of restaurant orders with food delivery aggregators and identification of short payouts or excess charges levied

Commission and Brokerage Reconciliation

Reconciliation of commission or brokerage for broking or agency businesses such as Insurance Broking, Mutual Fund Distribution or similar financial intermediary businesses