As a CFO, how do I know which reconciliation processes can be automated using Reconcify?

We shall be glad to take you through the past use cases for which we have deployed Reconcify in similar industries. We can also carry out a quick diagnostic of all processes and identify areas which can be automated using Reconcify.

How does the pricing structure work?

Reconcify follows the SaaS pricing model involving a monthly recurring usage fee, which depends upon the number of processes and complexity of each process that is automated. In addition, a one-time implementation fee could be involved in cases that require a high degree of customization due to the peculiar nature of the requirement.

I do not wish to replace my team of accountants currently involved in reconciliations. How would Reconcify and my team co-exist?

Reconcify's value proposition is not in generating benefits by replacing people, but by empowering people through augmenting and enhancing their productivity and efficiency, and at the same time, generating value for the business by plugging revenue leakages and saving costs. Reconcify alleviates the pain-points of accountants by automating reconciliations, which is one activity that otherwise ends up coming huge amount of time, thus hindering their growth and their ability to upskill in their jobs. By automating manual tasks like reconciliations, Reconcify helps accountants improve their work content and therefore helps CFOs keeps the team motivated and engaged.  

What would be the commercial benefits of using Reconcify for automating my reconciliation processes?

Reconcify helps you plug revenue leakages and provides and improved control over your costs. All companies currently using Reconcify have seen a multi-fold positive impact on their bottomline as compared to the fee they pay for using Reconcify. The quantification of the probable savings can be done once we understand the problem statement or more precisely during a process diagnostic.

What is the minimum tenure of the engagement?

Reconcify generates commercial benefits from month 1, but since each deployment requires a one-time configuration, the arrangement comes with a minimum tenure of 6 months in most cases or 12 months in some cases that require a higher level of customization.

How does Reconcify ensure confidentiality of critical business information?

Reconcify can be deployed on-prem or on-cloud. An on-prem deployment makes sure that the data stays within your organization's network. With regard to cloud-based deployment, it is done on a Virtual Private Cloud with a high level of security features to maintain complete data protection, utmost confidentiality of business information and prevent any kind of security breach.